1. Píccolo Portraits: Paige Vickers


    Through the Print Project, Píccolo has had the opportunity to work with 4 talented illustrators. But, who are the people behind the images? We interviewed them in our series, Píccolo Portraits!


    If you love Paige’s work, be sure to support our Kickstarter and purchase one of her prints!

    Píccolo: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

    Paige Vickers: I grew up in North Texas and moved to Baltimore, MD in 2008 where I completed my BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I recently moved to New York and am working hard to balance a career in freelance illustration and as on-staff illustrator at a stationer and creative firm, Mr. Boddington’s Studio. 

    P: What was the inspiration behind your piece for the Píccolo Print Project?

    PV: I do a lot of paintings and drawings of made-up girls who are usually bored, dirty and definitely freckled. They range from self portraits (outlets for my mood at any given point) to experiments in creating a landscape with a simple face. This drawing is about the piccolo and I built the girl’s face around it, using the piccolo as both a tool and a mouth and then referenced the girl for the pattern surrounding that. In that way, I guess you could think of this as a landscape.


    P: What are your favorite techniques/mediums to use when you create your work?

    PV: I typically work by doing a series of 2-10 black and white drawings in pencil and ink then combining and manipulating them digitally. I’ve worked in such a controlled and calculated way for so long that now it’s refreshing to sit down and paint in gouache, watercolor and colored inks then calling it finished.

    P: Do you think the field of illustration is changing? And if so, how?

    PV: The field of illustration is definitely changing! One of the most interesting and exciting aspects to me is in regard to print. Since we live in an increasingly online world, there is a lot of sad talk about the dying print industry. With this though, I see more illustrators embracing print as a fine art form. Small press books, zines, artist books and fine printmaking are all being collected, traded, and regarded as precious objects. I think these trends only refresh aesthetics of mainstream illustration and feed the world of print, publishing and advertisement. 

    P: What are your favorite small things in life?

    PV: The thing I value most is eating tacos with close friends. I also really enjoy petting dogs on the street: a day in which you can stop and pet two hounds at once is a good day.

    P: What’s on the horizon for you - any exciting projects you’re working on?

    PV: I guess the most exciting thing I’m working on right now is starting at Mr. Boddington’s Studio. I’ve never had a real person job doing illustration before and I’m excited to see what kind of work it will drag me into. They are in the middle of a huge transition and will be doing a lot more publishing and packaging design work in the future. I’m still insanely grateful to be getting freelance work right now and will continue to pursue the clients I really want.

    Thanks, Paige!

    Paige’s website

    Píccolo Print Project Kickstarter

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