1. Píccolo Portraits: Michael C. Hsiung


    Through the Print Project, Píccolo has had the opportunity to work with 4 talented illustrators. But, who are the people behind the images? We interviewed them in our series, Píccolo Portraits!


    If you love Michael’s work, be sure to support our Kickstarter and purchase one of his prints!

    Píccolo: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

    Michael C. Hsiung: My name is Michael C. Hsiung and I was born in Chinatown, Los Angeles.  I wasn’t always making art for a living – I actually graduated with an English Degree and was working in schools, museums, and even at a background investigation company before even thinking of making art.  I’ve been really lucky to have had such a nice run so far, and I attribute it to my facial hair.

    P: What was the inspiration behind your piece for the Píccolo Print Project?

    MCH: My love of the circus and performers (clowns/muscle men/stiltwalkers) was the inspiration behind the Piccolo piece.  


    P: What are your favorite techniques/mediums to use when you create your work?

    MCH: My favorite medium would probably be ink, micron pens, and rapidographs, and my favorite technique is patterning with semi circles.

    P: Do you think the field of illustration is changing? And if so, how?

    MCH: I think the field of illustration is changing as far as I can tell, though not really being an illustrator in the traditional sense, but I think that its easier for artists to get his or her stuff out there now with the various social sites, forums, and community groups. 

    P: What are your favorite small things in life?

    MCH: My favorite small things  are probably dice, like 20 sided dice because I’m a lover of all things fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons related. [Sara’s note - This made me very happy because I too am a D&D player.]

    P: What’s on the horizon for you - any exciting projects you’re working on?

    MCH: I’ll be having a two-week solo show called So Far, So Good, So What! February 8th at THIS, LA gallery in Highland Park. I’m really excited because it’ll be my first time in a long while showing works, and I plan to have lots of drawings, a print, and a reprint of a zine that recently sold out called Booze, Dudes, & Bears.  Also, I’m be doing a print with Poster Child Prints sometime this year which I’m very excited about, as well as participating in a group show Out of Towners which opens sometime in April at the Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose.    

    Thanks, Michael!

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